Drains in Duncan, BC

Let Us Drain Away Those Problems

Most people don’t think about what happens to the water in their homes once it goes down the sink, toilet or shower—or through the washing machine. But the smooth operation of the drains, vents and traps that your water uses to exit your house are essential to a happy, comfortable and safe living environment.

At Gideon Plumbing, we know our way around your drains and drainage system. You can depend on us to take the important steps that will prevent disaster from happening. However, if you do find yourself in a serious drain system skirmish, we’re also the team to come to your rescue.


From hair and grease to soap scum and more, we’ll provide your drains with the thorough cleaning they need to function as efficiently as possible.


If you’re experiencing interior or exterior drain line problems, we’ll find the cause and fix it—fast! Plus, we’ll get the job done to your total satisfaction.

Installation & Replacement

We are meticulous about replacing old, malfunctioning drains or installing brand new systems. We’re the drainage contractors who are armed and ready!

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$50 Off any Drain Clearing

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