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We believe an informed customer is an empowered customer. That’s why we use our plumbing blog to inform and empower you. Our tips and tricks will help you safeguard your plumbing systems from leaks, clogs and other assaults that can force your peaceful household into retreat or, worse yet, surrender mode. Don’t let this happen to you! Use the weapons in our blog to fight back!

How to Tell You Have a Hidden Plumbing Leak

When you find a leak in your home, you know it’s time to call a plumber. But, what if there are leaks you don’t even know about? How do you…... Read Article

Proactive Home Plumbing Maintenance Tips

These simple home plumbing maintenance tips will help you keep your plumbing system running smoothly and cut down on the amount of costly repairs you’ll need. Hire a Plumber Take…... Read Article

Why Choose Bio-Clean Drain Cleaning?

At Gideon Plumbing, we are proud to offer Bio-Clean drain cleaning services. This eco-friendly approach is effective and has a number of advantages. Clean My Drains What is Bio-Clean Drain…... Read Article

Common Signs Your Water Heater Needs Service

Do you know how to tell when your water heater needs service? Watch for these common signs and call a plumber to resolve the problem before it becomes a bigger…... Read Article

5 Top Tips to Prevent Drain Clogs in Your Home

Keep your drains working their best by following these simple tips for preventative maintenance. I Need a Plumber! 1. Don’t Pour Oil & Grease Down the Drain Many people think…... Read Article

How Long Does a Water Heater Typically Last?

A water heater is responsible for making sure that you can quickly and conveniently take a hot shower or clean your home. It is also what allows you to wash…... Read Article

The Two Most Common Toilet Issues

Having problems with your home toilet is never fun. Whether you have a toilet that won’t quit clogging or it runs constantly, you have one of the most common toilet…... Read Article

Is It Safe to Run a Natural Gas Line Myself?

Natural gas makes your life easier in several ways. It can help you dry clothes, cook, and keep everyone in your home warm. Whether you’re renovating your house or moving…... Read Article

What Should You Do When Your Drains Need Cleaning?

As a homeowner, one of the most important tasks you have is making sure your home is in good condition. Keeping the plumbing up to par is part of this.…... Read Article

Top Reasons You Need a Sump Pump

When the water table rises or too much rainwater accumulates around your home, a sump pump can keep your property dry and safe from flooding. Sump pumps are designed to…... Read Article

What Happens to the Water in a Slab Leak?

Leaks are never a good thing, and if you can’t see the leak, the situation could be even worse. That’s because you might not know the extent of the problem…... Read Article

4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Old Boiler

Your home’s boiler is an essential component of your everyday life. However, an old boiler creates a long list of potential issues. When is the ideal time to replace your…... Read Article

Gas Boiler Service Essentials

Gas boilers are an important fixture in many homes and businesses. They provide the heat necessary for daily activities like cooking, cleaning, and heating. While efficient when they are serviced…... Read Article

Gideon Plumbing is a Proud Recipient of the 2022 BBB Torch Award

At Gideon Plumbing, we were chosen as the 2022 Torch Award Winner in plumbing at the annual awards gala celebration. This event was hosted on November 4, 2022 at the…... Read Article

Treating Slab Leaks in Your Home

Slab is another name for the concrete foundation that forms the ground-level base of your home. A slab leak occurs when water leaks out of the pipes beneath your home’s…... Read Article

How Often Should You Schedule a Drain Cleaning?

Routine Drain Cleaning Keeping your drains clean is a crucial task in all homes. A clogged drain will first drain the water slowly before stopping altogether. Homeowners can do a…... Read Article

How to Make Sure Your Sump Pump Is Ready for Winter

The snowy British Columbia winters mean dealing with lots of melt and runoff, and this can easily lead to your basement or crawl space getting flooded. Sump pumps are the…... Read Article

How to Get Your Plumbing Ready for Winter

Making your plumbing system ready for winter is an important undertaking. This is often achieved by winterizing your system’s pipes to prevent freezing, breaks and leaks. The following are surefire…... Read Article

4 Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Water Pressure

Water pressure is one of the most important aspects of your home’s plumbing system. It can be the difference between a relaxing shower and a frustrating one. If your home…... Read Article

6 Ways To Identify a Leak In Your Plumbing

Although plumbing leaks are expected, a prolonged leak causes your home’s structure to weaken. At the same time, it creates an avenue for the development of disease-causing mould, fungi, and…... Read Article

7 Reasons Why Copper Is Used In Plumbing

Have you ever wondered why copper is used in plumbing? It turns out that copper has several qualities that make it the perfect material for pipes. The following covers seven…... Read Article

How to Snake a Drain

When there’s a clogged drain in your home, try using a plunger on it. If that doesn’t work, try pouring a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of…... Read Article

Ways to Stop a Dripping Faucet

Leaky faucet? A leaky faucet wastes both money and water. If left unaddressed, the sound of a leak can be a persistent annoyance, and the drips can stain sink basins.…... Read Article

Understanding What a Toilet Fill Valve Does

The toilet fill valve is located inside the tank portion of your toilet. Its purpose is to control water when flowing into the tank, and it is attached to a…... Read Article

Causes of Low Water Pressure

You may not realize how much you depend on water to complete various tasks in your home until you encounter a problem with your water supply line. In some cases,…... Read Article

The Benefits of Using a Water Softening System

When water first falls as rain, it’s considered to be “soft” water because it hasn’t yet picked up any mineral ions. In most parts of the country, as this water…... Read Article

4 Steps That You Can Take to Winterize Your Plumbing

Winters in Duncan can easily bring temperatures well below freezing. If your home remains vacant for long stretches of time during these cold spells, it can spell trouble for your…... Read Article

The Miracle of Plumbing Tape

Plumbers tape is a real wonder. A stretchy, smooth polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) that seals water and gas pipe fittings, it is usually packaged on spools that look like surgical tape. Its…... Read Article

Welcome to Gideon Plumbing’s New Online Home!

It’s a Fortress Loaded With Helpful Info for You! It’s Gideon Plumbing here—the team that is eager to go to battle for you if you live in Victoria, BC, Duncan,…... Read Article